Formal Sashes

Graduation Sash will capture your graduation message on ribbon. A personalised printed sash for the graduate or the whole class on your big night provides a 'stand-out' look and even a comical keepsake award for the recipient.

Here's our top School Formal Awards Picks:    


Most Likely to Be Famous

Most likely to become a millionaire

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize

Most likely to become a WAG

Most likely to win an Oscar

Most likely to take over the world

Most Likely To Become an Insta Model

Most likely to appear on Jeremy Kyle

Most likely to win an Olympic Medal

Most likely to win X Factor

Most likely to break a world record

Most likely to become a comedian

Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket

Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30

Couple most likely to get married

BEST [...] 

Best Hair

Best Smile/Laugh

Best Dressed Male/Female

Best Dancer


 MOST [...]

Most creative/artistic/musical

Most hardworking/organised

Most competitive

BIGGEST [...] 

Biggest Drama Queen

Biggest flirt

Biggest party animal


Rear of the year

Human fog horn

Party Animal

Prom King/Queen

Formal King/Queen

Selfie Queen/King

Class Clown

Gossip Girl

Biggest Bromance

Biggest Girlmance

Partners in Crime

Undercover Hottie

A Sash is a single sided deluxe bridal satin ribbon approximately 100mm wide. This style is for those on a tighter budget but still want elegance.  These can be worn either around the neck "Class Style" or "Pageant" style, worn across the body. They start from $10.00 per sash.

We also have a list of $$$ALE SASHES (from $2.00)

Email us for more details of what we have in stock as they sell out fast!!