Kindergarten / Preschool Sashes

The first year of Kindergarten or Pre-school is everyone's first huge milestone in life. Rewarding our younger generation gives them such a feeling of achievement, inspires them to strive towards the next big step and marks a time of celebration! These unique graduation sashes can be customised to suit with the year, a logo and even their names. 

Sashes can either come as Class (Stole style) or Pageant (Worn across torso) style.

We also do supply Kindergarten gowns. Click here!

A Sash is a single sided deluxe bridal satin ribbon approximately 100mm wide. This style is for those on a tighter budget but still want elegance.  These can be worn either around the neck "Class Style" or "Pageant" style, worn across the body. Kindergarten Sashes start from $8.00 per sash.