Kindergarten Regalia's

Children size gown

Our gown sizes are based on height. Gowns fit on like an overall gown and generally do not restrict around the chest and torso. 


107-114cm (27")


115-122cm (30")


123-130cm (33")

Kindergarten Graduation Gown

We have a variety of Kindergarten Lustre Gowns available.

Kindergarten gowns are valued at $25 each. 

Kindergarten gown and mortar board set valued at $32.

Available in colours at the moment below:

Kindergarten graduation gown

Colours Available

- Black

- White

- Red

- Royal Blue

- Lime Green

- Yellow

- Pink

- Purple

Kindergarten T-Shirts

We also offer a range of shirts for children in Kindergarten. We offer sizes 4 to 6. Styles and design can be made upon request.

Shirts with one side printed start from: $20 each

*For shirts with front and back print: $24 each

*(Please submit your own back design via order form)

Kindergarten Graduation tshirt


Kindergarten Graduation tshirt

Optional Back

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3