Mortar Boards

Kindergarten Mortar Boards

(One size fits most)

Kindergarten Mortar Boards valued at $10 each.

Kindergarten gown
Kindergarten Gown
Kindergarten Gown

Standard Mortar Boards

(High School)

High school mortar board

One size fits most.

Matt polyester black cap tassel (available in other colours on request). Add a year charm for an extra $3. 

9″x9″ and circumference of 19.2″ (Elastic band to fit most head sizes).

Ideal for High School Graduations.

Standard Mortar Boards start from $20 each. 

Bundle deal: Order over 50 Mortar Boards and pay $15 each.

Academic Deluxe Mortar Board


University mortar board

Order in 

- Small (57cm), 

- Medium (59cm), 

- Large (62cm), 

- Extra Large (64cm).

Felt cover black cap tassel. Add a year charm for an extra $3.

Ideal for Undergraduates and Post-Graduates.

Academic (Deluxe) Mortar Boards start from $25 each. 

University Mortar board
University Mortar Board
University Mortar board

Tudor Bonnet

(PhD students)

Tudor Bonnet

Order in 

- Small (54cm), 

- Medium (57cm), 

- Large (60cm), 

- Extra Large (63cm).

Black Velvet cover.

Ideal for students graduating with PhD’s.

Tudor Bonnets start at $35 each.