Stole print finishes

  • Screen Printed - old traditional method which creates a "raised paint texture" feel, multiple fabric colours (available in 1-2 colours only)
  • Sublimated - multiple colours printed (only available on light colour fabric)
  • Powder Ink Print - multiple colours printed, ANY colour fabric dark or light
  • Super Soft Vinyl - multiple colours printed, more vibrant, any colour fabric, very soft feel
  • Embroidered - please ask our team as some images cannot be embroidered.

Screen printed, Powder Ink Print and Embroidered - allow minimum of 6 weeks

Sublimated and Super Soft Vinyl - quickest turn around method for urgent orders

All are washable and dry cleanable

Sash Print Colours

 (these are thermal foils not suitable for stoles)

Yellow Gold


Light Gold

Metallic Red

Metallic Blue



Sky Blue

Royal Blue